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Beautiful South Dallas #3: Plastic Recycling

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  • At first I thought that may have been something dead on top of the barbed wire. Glad it's not. The light and shadows are exceptional and the sky was really working with you on this one.
    sherri @ 2009-02-26 22:12:03
  • Inviting scenery :) As Sherri I like the light hitting and shadow play on the fence. did you try diffrent angles and crops? The barb wire helps, but I sit here with a feeling that something is lacking... to make it more exiting. Probably just me though :)
    Ivar @ 2009-02-26 22:39:07
  • The lighting is subtle yet magical. Beautiful blue sky too
    roentarre @ 2009-02-27 00:00:27
  • Again, stunning contrast
    BoB @ 2009-02-27 04:02:02
  • are those parts of people that tried to make it over the barbed wire? lol maybe zombie parts as the fence was incapable of keeping them out of the city... very thought evoking shot, thanks for the fun
    Elaine- @ 2009-02-27 04:18:31
  • Great how light and shadow play with each other.
    Besim @ 2009-02-27 04:33:02
  • Nice, I like the sunbeams on the tin fence. However I agree that something in the foreground maybe would liven up the scene.
    btw, remember the scene from Fight Club, where the guys were going over a fence and a bag full of fat got torn....shoot this one at night, and here you go :)
    Joanna @ 2009-02-27 05:33:12
  • The lighting is just fantastic. The imagination can just take off here, perhaps there is a shadow just around the corner. Excellent shot and colours.
    bluechameleon @ 2009-02-27 07:22:38
  • These bags actually dress up this place.
    clarence @ 2009-02-27 08:09:36
  • Thanks to everyone who's commented so far. Really, the point of the series was to illustrate the lack of activity in the neighborhood. They're on the boring side intentionally. With this photo there was a bright red fire hydrant just out of frame right. I chose not to include it or to punch up any colors because I wanted it sort of dreary. Maybe it didn't work, but that's what I was trying to illustrate.
    Dustin W. Fletcher @ 2009-02-27 08:25:32
  • I like the patterns of lines and circles and shadows and light - if art can be to find the beauty that transcends the everyday, then why not here?
    cat @ 2009-02-27 08:28:06
  • Neighborhoods in Dallas that we present you are not those found in the magazine ...
    I like the rendering of your photos, which broke the brightness of each of them! I like your eye!
    Fabrice @ 2009-02-27 08:49:17
  • If you stare long enough those shadows beging to creep and sway. A good companion shot to the previous one.
    rhys @ 2009-02-27 10:14:27
  • Ecellent lighting!
    mario iso101 @ 2009-02-27 11:03:54
  • Great humor, I can see :) I like a lot the color contrast here and the symbol, of course...
    Phototherapy @ 2009-02-27 12:01:08
  • I like the shadows. So..this is how you recycle the plastic bags? Joking. Nice catch
    Bogdan @ 2009-02-27 13:14:46
  • Oh, thats really nice - a good way to recycle the plastic and it makes a good sound in the wind ;-) I like the blue sky (I missed it here at my home) and the golden light on the fence. What is behind the fence ?
    Cerstin @ 2009-02-27 16:22:36
  • Yes, the plastic bags definitely cause one to do a double-take. Not a very friendly neighborhood?
    Turnbill @ 2009-02-27 17:13:25
  • cool with the rubish on the barbed wire.. simple work really like it as you know..
    Westy | P H O T O N O M Y @ 2009-02-27 17:56:53
  • Wonderful light and shadow play on the fence, the blues in the sky I love

    Thanks for your honest comment today appreciated, not sure what I was thinking when I posted that shot for today, my have had a few beers LOL

    JJ @ 2009-02-27 20:57:28
  • Excellent composition well framed!
    WABIKOJA @ 2009-02-27 21:11:35
  • Nice shot, the lines and colors are very nice.
    Advertising @ 2009-02-27 21:49:27
  • Somehow it seemed as thoughsomeone had been shot whilst trying to make their escape, thier body caught and rotting amidst the wire. Such a strong image and superb light and shadow play.

    Such a potent symbol
    EYES WIDE SHUT @ 2009-02-27 22:35:04
  • fort accuiellant :)
    elaine @ 2009-02-28 08:25:47
  • Nice light and the sky :)
    Pradeep @ 2009-02-28 08:50:20
  • Love the color and contrasting lines formed by the wire fence. Great eye!
    Marcie @ 2009-02-28 10:34:26
  • looks like the fence of a prison...
    yz @ 2009-02-28 11:59:55
  • Excellent, and awful. Great force in this picture, due to the few details in the compo. A very good one.
    Denis @ 2009-02-28 12:38:53
  • I love the lines in the shot.
    Jesse Moscoe @ 2009-02-28 13:58:50
  • Ouch! Shiny and sharp! The quality of light is very evocative.
    Lunamania @ 2009-02-28 21:26:32
  • I don't know If you've seen the movie Fight Club, but there is a scene in there that reminds me of this. Had to do with climbing a barbed wire fence with a plastic bag filled with lipo-suctioned body fat... :)
    Arjan - PlasticDaisy @ 2009-03-01 04:29:32
  • Bleak. I love the perfect lighting and the shadows as well as the nice saturation.
    SD (Aspherical) @ 2009-03-01 22:37:54
  • Beautiful light. Very soft and enticing, even against such a disturbing backdrop.
    Erinn @ 2009-03-02 12:56:14
  • Industrial modern ain't all fun and games is it? A get a nice contrast of material chic vs. state confinement. SoHo meets the Crips.
    Chris Cardelli @ 2009-03-02 15:27:19
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Beautiful South Dallas #3: Plastic Recycling

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Beautiful South Dallas #3: Plastic Recycling
Beautiful South Dallas #3: Plastic Recycling
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