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Murmur #2: The Gates

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  • This photo has some interesting levels. the sky looks calm and peaceful while the look through the barbwire adds a strong feeling. great perspective.
    Besim @ 2009-03-06 05:28:58
  • oooh i really like the rich processing!! the impossible blue of the sky and the way the ground is seeping up into the buildings
    Elaine- @ 2009-03-06 06:18:23
  • Interesting composition. Love the deep colors of the sky.
    Marcie @ 2009-03-06 06:42:30
  • stunning shot, stunning composition and colour! tell me which side of the fence were you on?
    chris @ 2009-03-06 06:43:40
  • That razor wire looks wicked. Excellent saturated colors on your processing!
    clarence @ 2009-03-06 06:46:47
  • I tried to, Chris, but you did not enter a valid e-mail. I was on the outside for this one so I could sorta look through the wire.
    Dustin W. Fletcher @ 2009-03-06 06:56:42
  • I like how the picture is composed.. would like to know more about this place.
    CushmoK @ 2009-03-06 08:13:52
  • ouch, that looks really sharp...
    wonderfully composed anyway
    yz @ 2009-03-06 08:27:41
  • In the urban decay category, this is one of the best shots I've seen. Your vantage point and the color...everything in this image is just right...and yes, that is one wicked looked piece of wire.
    sherri @ 2009-03-06 08:29:23
  • Whoa! What a cool shot and point of view! The focus and depth are incredible. These dark colours are perfect and set a great mood.
    What lens did you use here?
    bluechameleon @ 2009-03-06 08:55:30
  • What struck me is the word murmur as in a heart murmur – a low sound in conjunction with that razor wire is unsettling and feels ominous and the sky seems to imply the same with its dark blue. Effective image!
    daina @ 2009-03-06 09:18:41
  • Looks like prison, and that's from a retired military police soldier :)
    Nice angle, the colors superb here.
    Ilan @ 2009-03-06 09:23:16
  • I don't think razor wire has ever looked so cool, Dustin! Superb composition and perspective, and divine textural variances, colouration andlight and shadow play. A gem
    EYES WIDE SHUT @ 2009-03-06 09:30:07
  • amazing pov and dof, love the colours
    BoB @ 2009-03-06 10:02:06
  • Very cool texture. I assume you did some minor HDR with this one. I like it a lot.
    Christopher @ 2009-03-06 10:33:29
  • The sense of spiralling into the wire and how it's followed by the clouds is very cool. I like the feeling of not quite knowing what it is or why - it has a very urban acidy feel (I just made that up to try to explain it, hope it makes sense :P) and also reminds me of a landscape in a first person shooter computer game. Me likes!
    cat @ 2009-03-06 11:13:41
  • I really like the darkness (both subject matter and light) of this image. There's something frightening about how the spiral draws my eye into the razor wire all while under a happy blue sky.
    Lunamania @ 2009-03-06 13:20:10
  • WOW now this is the kind of shot I love brilliantly composed and point of view, the contrast of the harsh Barbwire with the softer tones of the sky and clouds, Brilliant!!
    JJ @ 2009-03-06 20:06:48
  • Ohh great angle, great colors in the sky and the barbwiere look mean. Very nice shot
    Ivar @ 2009-03-06 20:10:11
  • Cracking shot - much to keep the eye busy - love the colour also.
    terrorkitten @ 2009-03-06 20:42:17
  • very nice composition of the wires here. great dynamic sky!
    Liang @ 2009-03-06 21:11:56
  • Yikes that looks razor sharp!I love how it spirals into the distance.
    Arjan - PlasticDaisy @ 2009-03-07 11:14:12
  • Yikes that looks razor sharp!I love how it spirals into the distance.
    Arjan - PlasticDaisy @ 2009-03-07 11:14:13
  • Interesting! I've seen that stuff wrapped around fences before but never seen it up close. Great POV and I always like what you do on the contrast on most of your photos. Cool shot
    Terrry H. @ 2009-03-07 14:38:10
  • Violent composition! Very nice light!
    Polydactyle @ 2009-03-08 07:28:31
  • Pnteresting that you know to find the target to shot at.
    photo machines @ 2009-03-08 10:13:35
  • I love the DoF as the razor wire coils out. Beauty.
    Erinn @ 2009-03-09 12:59:05
  • Wonderfull this sky on bottom of the great perspective
    c o n f l a g r a t i o @ 2009-03-09 13:56:19
  • This is very nice. The juxtaposition of the razor wire and the odd "MURMUR" sign give the shot a creepy vibe. Is this some rendition site for political prisoners?
    Turnbill @ 2009-03-09 18:44:38
  • If that wire doesn't keep people out nothing will. I see the Murmer sign from you current photo.
    Rachael @ 2009-03-09 19:12:18
  • Where to begin? The vortex of blades is paramount to the success of the image for me. Fantastic; the colors, gritty b-role, are a close second. MURMUR = cherry on top.
    Chris Cardelli @ 2009-03-09 20:09:58
  • what a clever compo! very strong
    elaine @ 2009-03-10 11:31:53
  • What a wonderful colors! And great contrast too!
    I love Wide Angle Effect!
    This a powerful image.
    Sol @ 2009-03-11 02:27:19
  • wow, the barbwire looks really really sharp, ouch... ;)
    Joanna @ 2009-03-12 15:00:32
  • Love it. Concertina wire, rust, and deep blue sky are all some of my favorite elements. I like how you composed this with the wire in the foreground leading back, it's very confrontational.
    SD (Aspherical) @ 2009-03-16 19:05:10
  • Wow, the wire is very sharp, I like how you composed and shot itself.
    Cerstin @ 2009-03-30 06:22:39
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Murmur #2: The Gates

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Murmur #2: The Gates
Murmur #2: The Gates
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